Monday, October 24, 2011

Highlights from WikiLeaks Press Conference

WikiLeaks held a press conference at the Frontline Club today, covering two major points:

1) Submissions will be temporarily postponed to focus on fundraising.
2) A new online submission system will be operational on 28 November, the one-year anniversary of Cablegate.

Here are some other highlights from the conference:

- United States Treasury found no reason why WikiLeaks should be blockaded.
- In Australia, a formal US-triggered investigation into WikiLeaks found no case to answer.
- $2 million USD was spent monthly to hack and smear WikiLeaks by three intelligence firms, one being HBGary.
- A survery conducted by Reuters in April of 2011 showed that 75% of people supported WikiLeaks' operations.
- After each major WikiLeaks release there was a dramatic spike in donations.
- WikiLeaks has lost 95% of donations because of the blockade.
- Before the blockade, the average monthly donation to WikiLeaks was €100,000, but has since been €6-7,000.
- In the 24 hours the banking blockade was suspended, WikiLeaks raised over 100,000.
- The first case against the banking blockade will be found in Denmark within a few weeks. Legal cases will proceed in Iceland, United States, Australia, and United Kingdom.
- Julian Assange states that if the blockade cannot be removed, WikiLeaks will be unable to carry on into 2012.
- WikiLeaks has over 100,000 pending publications.
- Bank of America engaged a crisis team after Forbes magazine article that mentioned WikiLeaks' possession of banking documents.
- WikiLeaks has nearly 100 media partners in 50 countries.
- WikiLeaks has opened up new donation methods, such as mobile phone SMS and foreign bank transfer.
- WikiLeaks funds have NEVER gone to Julian Assange's personal defense fund.
- The donation base of WikiLeaks is over 50,000 people. Therefore, they are unable to be influenced by any one person or group.
- The average donation to WikiLeaks is $25 USD. They do not rely on a few wealthy individuals.
- To continue for the next 12 months, WikiLeaks has projected a needed amount of $3.5 mil USD.
- HTTPS websites cannot be trusted, for they have been infiltrated by intelligence agencies. Example: Dutch certificate authority Diginotar was infiltrated by Iranian intelligence, and their certificates were fabricated.

New methods for donation are available on the WikiLeaks website:

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