Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Support Julian Assange; Challenge the EAW

Julian Assange has made the decision to apply for an appeal to the UK Supreme Court regarding his extradition to Sweden. There are two points being made for the reason to appeal, both relating to the Extradition Act 2003:
  1. Whether the European Arrest Warrant was issued by a judicial authority.
  2. Whether someone can be called 'accused' if no decision to prosecute has been made.
Julian Assange must be supported in his further challenge against extradition. This is not just about his personal case, but about the re-evaluation of the EAW in its entirety.

In the framework of the European Arrest Warrant it is stated that it should be used "for the purposes of conducting a criminal prosecution or executing a custodial sentence or detention order." Julian Assange, who has not been accused with any crime, is only wanted for questioning which does not fall in to either intended use of the EAW.

Since its implement in 2004, the many people have faced injustice due to the European Arrest Warrant. In many instances, people have been arrested without ever being aware of the charges against them. In 2009, Mr. Edmond Arapi was arrested for a murder he could not have committed, for he was not even in the same country at the time of the crime. Mrs. Deborah Dark was arrested on multiple occassions over 20 years due to the fact that EAWs do not have to be withdrawn, even after multiple states have declined to enforce them. In other cases, EAWs have been issued against people for minor crimes such as the possession of .45 grams of cannibis or theft of a piglet.

Another prominent issue of the European Arrest Warrant is that people may face long bouts of pre-trial detention. When Michael Turner was extradited to Hungary in 2009, he was held in high security prison for four months and only interviewed once during this time. Even after his release, he had to return two months later for further interviews. This particular case applies strongly to Julian Assange, who is at risk of solitary confinement if extradited to Sweden, a country which has no limits to the length of pre-trial detention.

The UK Parliament will be holding a debate on extradition on 24 November. For those of you in the UK, I implore you to contact your MP and express your concerns about the European Arrest Warrant system.

We must fight this injustice.

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  1. Fight the fasist systems all over our backyards!!!

  2. Thanks to Julian Assange and Bradley Manning the entire world now has the ability to be informed, and are awakening. How many men are wrongly incarcerated (or dead by their own hand)by this method of accusation of sexual assault, boosting the prison population to benefit yet another money making industry for the 1%. Occupy, and make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. Julian Assange makes me proud to be an Australian.

  3. Everybody needs a system like Wikileaks for dark secrets to see the light of the day ... thanks to julian assange and his team ... Long live Wikileaks ...

  4. U wanna know meye secret? meye light is broken eyes= kinda sitting in a darkroom growing S nails cozz Eyes= A SS is itching. (oh sorry deadis not treu..)

  5. Copy and paste this and email to your MP if you are stuck for something to write

    Dear MP,

    I am writing to ask a few questions about current political issues, in particular the European Arrest Warrant, which has been in effect since 2004. It is currently in the limelight due to the Assange Extradition order, in which he has not been informed if he is going to be prosecuted even. There are several cases of injustices recorded for people who clearly should not have been arrested, and the warrant also authorises lengthy detention before trial. Surely you can understand the danger this poses to the common person who can easily be thrown around justice sytems and incarcerated without due legal process.

    What I would like to know is what is your thoughts on the topic? Do you believe that the system poses a great threat to due legal process and human rights? In the case of the Assange extradition, do you think there is POSSIBILITY of governments using this legal route to covertly and unfairly charge people, guilty or not?

    I look forward to hearing from you,

  6. For Australians:

    Find your electorate:
    Contact your MP:

    Dear MP,

    I am writing in concern at the plight of an Australian Citizen who is being detained in the United Kingdom. They have been held in-excess of two hundred days (more than 20% of your parliamentary term) and have not been charged with a crime in any country.

    In recent months the Australian Diplomatic Corps has been working hard to secure the release of a teenager who willingly and admittedly committed drug-related offences in a country known to give traffickers the death penalty.

    However the innocent Australian journalist being detained in Britain appears to be unworthy of protective repatriation. Why is this? Why is the Australian Government, of which you are a part, willing to perpetrate such an inequality of action?

    Why are you allowing Julian Assange to be held in Europe as a political prisoner?

    I look forward to your response.