Sunday, November 6, 2011

US Government favors white supremacists over WikiLeaks

It seems that the United States has fewer issues with Neo-Nazi organizations than it does with WikiLeaks. While WikiLeaks has been under financial blockade since 6 December 2010 due to pressure by the US Government, the white supremacy group Aryan Nations can accept donations via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card.

To further assess the injustice of this, it must be re-asserted that neither WikiLeaks nor any of its employees has been charged with any crime in any country. Not to mention, the Pentagon has stated that no harm has come to any persons due to information that WikiLeaks has released. And, although multiple news organizations and public officials have called for WikiLeaks to be branded a terrorist organization, it has not been labeled as such.

Compare this to the Aryan Nations, which has had multiple members linked to violent crimes. The FBI has called Aryan Nations a “terrorist threat”, and the RAND Corporation has described the organization as the “first truly nationwide terrorist network.” Note that these are official statements by government-funded organizations, unlike the unsubstantiated claims against WikiLeaks by politicians. [edit: Members of the Aryan Nation also plotted to assassinate President Obama, as WikiLeaks tweeted.]

Furthermore, Neo-Nazis are allowed to openly serve in the US military. Such is not the case for WikiLeaks supporters. Government employees feel threatened to voice support and have lost their security clearance simply for linking to a WikiLeaks cable. Even families of US Air Force members were originally warned that they could be prosecuted as spies for reading information that WikiLeaks released.

Freedom of Speech has become a privilege in the United States. It is no longer an inalienable right, yet we see no guidelines on what overthrows the boundaries the US Government has established. The people must continue to voice their opinions, no matter what they may be, and force the government to respect their right to do such.

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  1. The Aryan Nations Did not Leak Secrets that the US Gov. Prefers Hidden ...

  2. Dario, we've found out through leaks that what the government prefers hidden is its perfidy in violating values, morals, and laws. Those who stand with them in this matter are accessories to crime. Those who report their malfeasance, however, are doing their duty as citizens and as human beings.

    And still not one piece of credible evidence that even one person has been endangered by the government cables WikiLeaks has exposed.

  3. Hey , i just repost it on my blog..and i put the link to the original post here...

  4. Very selective, the gov't. The Paterson, NJ anarchists early last century were a similar target of abuse eventually deprived of printing press and access to the mails punctuated with rebuke from Theodore Roosevelt.

  5. The government is not an unaccountable body answerable to no-one. That "the government" as some sort of indefinite ghost entity "wants something hidden" is not in and of itself sufficient (or, necessarily, Constitutional) reason to keep said item hidden. "The government" is supposed to be of, by and for the people. A separate governing class is inequality; it is first- and second-class citizenry. It is not freedom.

  6. “The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today -(1968)- my own government.”
    ...and still going strong and worse than 46 years ago.

    Are you/we really free?

  7. It is worthy to point out that the majority of Aryan Nations members are actually infiltrators from various American law enforcement agencies. The reason for the continued existence of Aryan Nations and other "costume nazi" organizations is that they act as flypaper for violent racists and people who would oppose them.

    Wikileaks is a completely different animal: the United States not only knows who opposes Wikileaks, they sometimes endorse their actions. Furthermore, Wikileaks' membership isn't comprised of federal agents who can wholly monitor Wikileaks' activities-- since they can't exploit Wikileaks, they'll choke it to death. That's the way all governments work with any organization that embarrasses them.